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located in Newcomb NY


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Log Jam at the Hudson River Bridge


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We offer two four season lodging units to rent.
Both have all the conveniences you would have at home with the exception of a dishwasher and laundry room.
The only thing we ask you to bring is bath towels.

The Pilot’s House

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The Pilot’s House is an 861 square foot rental with a spacious 609 square foot wraparound porch. This structure originally built in 1860 then renovated in 1936 by Ranger Loyal Parker. Then we renovated it to put it in service as a four season rental in 2008. The Pilot’s House is very cottage like in décor and furnishings. It takes its name from the river drivers referred to as river pilots who frequented its floors for dance, food and drink when the structure was part of the Hudson River Hotel.

The Tamarack

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The Tamarack was built in 2005 and is a 1,044 square foot log cabin with 192 square foot screened front porch. It earned its name after the numerous Tamarack trees that surround the building site. It site in a relatively private area that has a filtered view of Vanderwacker Mt. and the Hudson River.

The primary parking area is in the back of the building or North side. The daylight basement has its own ground level access and this is the easiest entrance to use for unpacking. This is and open room with a full size bed and two single beds. A set of stairs leads you up to the kitchen on the main level which opens to a mini great room with a cathedral ceiling. The bathroom is also on this floor. Another set of stairs leads to a loft bedroom that overlooks the living and dining area. A queen bed is in the loft. The Tamarack has all the charm you would expect of a log cabin in the Adirondacks.